Software platform is an important consideration for data security #igaware #linuxsbs

Software companies can take one of two approaches to keep their software secure. They can keep their software code hidden, which is known as Security Through Obscurity or they can take an Open Software approach and release their software code for anyone to see.

Software companies such as Microsoft use Security Through Obscurity, whereas Igaware and others use Open Software.

Security Through Obscurity is the idea that by hiding your software code no one can find holes in it. It’s akin to burying your money under a tree. The only thing that makes it safe is no one knows it’s there.

The problem with this approach is that someone may find your tree. Microsoft’s tree was discovered by the US Government who documented vulnerabilities in Microsoft software through which they could access systems for the purposes of surveillance.  Unfortunately the vulnerabilities were leaked to the hacking community; 8000 documents via Wikileaks ( The result was the global Wannacry Ransomware attack.

Now imagine putting your data behind a lock or combination, say in a safe. You should be able to put the safe on a street corner because what makes it secure is that no one can get inside it but you. Open software uses the principle that the code is visible to all, making it easier to identify and plug security vulnerabilities faster. It’s like having a team of world-wide experts constantly trying to crack the safe, and reinforcing it immediately a weaknesses is found. It ensures a safe that’s incredibly hard to crack.

So if you want to ensure your email and data is secure then have your data on a Linux software platform such as that used by the Igaware Linux Small Business Server. Your data is your crown jewels. Keep it safe!

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