Igaware Version 13.4.6 released #Igaware #linuxsbs

New in Version 13.4.6 [Aug 25 2018]

* New Features and Improvements *

  • Update the Z-Push active-sync software to version 2.4.3
  • Update Kopano Webapp to version 3.4.17
  • Updated the Kopano server to version 8.6.4 for some sites.
  • Added a feature to allow the addition and modification of login permissions for the Web Config interface. New login users can be added and permissions given to configure different parts of the system.
  • Updated Mattermost to version 5.1. This allows the use of /mattermost sub-path.
  • Updated the transaction-isolation level to READ-COMMITED for Kopano database server. Performance improvement.
  • Modified the Email Activity Report to show high and low spam in different colours.
  • Added the SSL VPN logs to log viewer ( BETA)
  • Monitor the Kopano Search service as part of the System Health scripts.

* Fixes *

  • Fixed a rare problem with Sophos AV updates.
  • Added extra WAN interface to IP routing tables.
  • Do not check DNS RBL lists for LAN side email server.
  • Boost no longer required for kopano > 8.3. Removed.
  • Fixed a problem with the smfs socket directory file permissions.
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