Domain Mapping

If you use multiple domains then you may encounter the situation whereby you want emails sent to recipient enquiries@ to be sent to different members of staff depending on the recipient domain.

In you only have one domain then directing incoming email to enquiries@ to a specific user or users is easy using email aliasing.

Aliasing is found on the Igaware interface in Servers=>Email=>Aliases. Here you can create the alias name ‘enquiries’ and select the recipient user(s).


Where you have multiple domains Igaware has a nifty facility called domain mapping. Domain mapping in conjunction with aliases allows you to deliver emails to a recipient e.g. enquiries@) to different members of staff according to the domain used in the address. Here’s how:

On the Igaware interface go to Servers=>Email=>Domain Mapping.

Create a domain map for to be delivered to an alias called, for example, ‘enquiriesfirstdomain’.

You then go to aliases and create an alias called ‘enquiriesfirstdoamin’ and select the recipient(s).

Then repeat for the other domains.

Job done.

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