Complexity steals your time, money, and puts your data at risk #igaware #linuxsbs

The software market has long been dominated by ‘Corporateware’ – software that has been developed for large enterprises. Such software has a ‘million and one’ ways to be configured so that it can be flexible enough to meet the complex needs of large enterprise customers. That’s fine if you are a large enterprise with a dedicated IT department, but for an SME business such complexity is expensive to manage and a serious threat to data security – increased complexity increases introduces too many opportunities for error.

Igaware software, on the other hand, has been engineered specifically for the needs of SMEs customers, with a focus on simplicity, ease of use and keeping data private and secure.

The Igaware Small Business Server and UTM Firewall were launched in 1999, developed specifically for SME businesses to provide enterprise class security and services but without the burden of complexity.

Complexity introduces too many opportunities for error, so keep it simple!

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