#Igaware Version 10.0.1 [Tue Nov 18 2013 ] Released

New in Version 10.0.1 [Tue Nov 18 2013 ]

* New Features and Improvements *

  • Added an Internet Speed Test option to the System=> Tools menu. This runs a speed test from the Server itself and gives a historical view of download and upload speeds.
  • Updated the POP3 and IMAP fetch software ( Fetchmail) to the newest version.
  • Removed network_reorder from rc.d/network – no longer required.
  • Updated the iproute2 package to the lastest version.
  • Installed a new command line Network Traffic monitor called iftop.
  • Altered some Sendmail MTA options. Changed privacy options and MinQueueAge to 30 mins from 5. This means that failed email transmission won’t be retried for 30 minutes.
  • Installed a new version of the Apache Web server ( from version 2.2.x to 2.4.x)
  • Installed latest PCRE regex libraries.
  • Installed lastest APR for Apache.
  • Re-compiled many programs to use the new PCRE library.
  • Updated the Email Recipient Address Versification software to the newest version.
  • Updated the Zarafa Server to version 7.1.7.
  • Updated the Anti-virus engine software to the newest version.
  • Added “SSL” option to the Email Internet Account pages. Thi allows retrieval of POP and IMAP email via SSL.

* Fixes *

  • Fixed a problem while writing the Zarafa database to a backup intended to store 7 days worth of data. The Zarafa Mysql database dump wasn’t named with the Day of week prefix.
  • Fixed a problem with the detection of USB disks, without a filesystem, during a Backup operation.
  • Fixed a rare problem with the Recipient Address Verification Email system.
  • Fixed an appointment invitee problem in Zarafa Version 7.
  • Fixed a problem during a backup to a Tape device.
  • Fixed – Log files for the console_health daemon and Zarafa Webaccess are now rotated every day.
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