Igaware Linux Small Business Server – ‘A breath of fresh air’ (#Igaware #SmallBusinessServer #Zarafagroupware)

In 2001 Groves, an independent estate agent with 24 staff in three offices in the North East, made the decision to migrate away from their Microsoft server, to the Igaware Linux Small Business Server.

Nick Rawlinson, from Groves, explained, “We looked at various options, including upgrading our troublesome Microsoft server, but Igaware ‘s reputation for being robust and easy to use was very appealing.”

An Igaware Linux Small Business Server was installed at each of the three offices to deliver Internet security, file serving, and data backup.

At Groves head office, the Igaware Linux Small Business Server provides email serving and email filtering, with staff accessing email via web mail.

Nick told us, “In the twelve years we have been using Igaware, it has proven to be rock solid. Updates and upgrades are automatic so we have all the latest features and functionality as they are released.”

One new area of functionality Groves have started using is Zarafa Groupware, an Exchange alternative that is delivered as part of the Igaware Linux Small Business Server. Zarafa Groupware provides all the functionality of exchange, including active sync to allow smart phone synchronisation for email, calendars, contacts and tasks. Zarafa works directly with Outlook, but Groves have chosen to use the Zarafa web mail as it is more cost effective, less problematic, and more functional.

Nick told us, “Our office manager loves the system as it is so easy to use compared to other systems she is used to. The support we get is excellent, even receiving new features we’ve asked for. Igaware is a breath of fresh air compared to Microsoft.”

Tim Sexton from Igaware told us, “Had Groves gone down the Microsoft Small Business Server route they would have been on their third server by now, having spent tens of thousands of pounds, only to be told that Microsoft Small Business Server has been discontinued. The Igaware Linux Small Business server is the ideal alternative to Microsoft Small Business server for any business looking for a reliable, secure, and cost effective upgrade.”

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