#Igaware Version 10.1.0 [Sat Feb 08 2014] Released

New in Version 10.1.0 [Sat Feb 08 2014]

* New Features and Improvements *

  • Added SSL support to the Zarafa server. This allows MAPI connections to use SSL on port 237.
  • Updated the SSL VPN server to the newest version.
  • Installed the SmokePing network monitor.
  • Updated rrdtool graphing software to newest version to allow Smoke Ping to work.
  • Updated the wget( http/ftp client) software to newest version for the Internet Speed Test facility.
  • Installed the Darkstat traffic monitoring software.
  • Updated the IRQ interrupt balancing software to the newest version.
  • The IP route tables are now created for all gateway network connections. This    is to allow the near future addition of network traffic shaping features.
  • Updated the kernel version.
  • Changed MaxConnectionsPerChild to 500 from 250 in httpd.conf
  • Modified the firewalling scripts to better block port 25 access from the LAN, when it’s requested.
  • Let’s support Network encryption for all Internet activities. The NSA/ GCHQ sucks big time.

* Fixes *

  • Fixed the IPSec VPN health monitor. The monitor was not checking if the IPSec
  • connection was up.
  • Changed the Web Server to use the prefork model. The previous Event model was using too much memory.
  • Fixed a problem with multi-LAN Web Filtering.
  • Disabled the Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) network support. This was causing problems with packet loss in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem with WAN IP aliases where a new default network route would    sometimes be added.
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