The Igaware Linux Small Business Server – a cure for small business IT growing pains #SMEIT #linuxsbs #sbsserver

As your small business grows, the Igaware Linux Small Business Server becomes a great solution to avoid IT growing pains, enabling you to implement enterprise quality IT services that match a small business budget.

Start-up businesses tend to begin life using a mix of public IT services e.g.  gmail and drop box. This get starts you communicating and sharing information at minimum cost but, as your business grows, making your email and data private and secure is increasingly important as there is more to lose if things go wrong.

As your business grows there will come a time when having email and data secured and supported becomes a priority. Most businesses realise they have reached this point when problems occur with their current IT setup – growing pains if you like.

Growing pains come in a number of forms:

  • Problems sending and receiving emails.
  • Email spam and scams cause business disruption.
  • Frustration with email or data services not working as they should.
  • Lack of functionality – e.g. no shared calendars, difficulty sharing data
  • Lack of support – can’t get things fixed quickly
  • Need to adhere to data privacy and security standards such (PCI & GDPR)

The Igaware Linux Small Business Server is the perfect fit for your growing businesses as you scale up. It brings email and data under your control; private and secured on-premise. It delivers email and groupware services, central file sharing, data backup, and secure remote access for staff out and about.

The Igaware Linux Business Server incredibly robust and includes a UTM firewall that ensures your data and email is secured. Continuous automatic updates means there are no software updates to download and install, meaning no downtime, and no security holes.

And it’s easy to use too. Setting up a new email address or connecting a new device to your network can be done without having to call the cavalry – it’s all done through an easy to use web interface.

So if you’re ready to grow your business with IT pain, check out the Igaware Linux Small Business Server.

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