Igaware Version 13.3.13-1 released #Igaware #linuxsbs

New in Version 13.3.13-1 [Feb 20 2018]

* New Features and Improvements that loosely are based on popular websites like www.spamzilla.io*

  • Improved the MailScanner “phishing” database. This will improve detection of phising email scams.
  • Fixed the “pornography” category in the Website blocking list – removed the expressions list. It was too aggressive.
  • Added a new option to the IPSec VPN config. SA Lifetime – this determines when an connection expires and should bere-keyed. If the remote end won’t accept an inbound keying attempt, then, this should be greater than the lifetime set
    on the remote device.
  • Letsencrypt certificate creation/ renewal no longer requires port 80 to be left open. The port will open and close automatically.
  • Updated the BIND DNS nameserver to the latest version.
  • Added secure flag for cookies in HTTP resonce headers ( for PCI compliance).
  • Installed Python Dateutil & Six modules ( for Kopano-Search).
  • Created new System Status load average information and graphs.
  • Added/ optimized the 64-bit version of Mysql.
  • Added ssl vpn activity report
  • Update Python with sqlite3 database.
  • Improved network intrusion prevention to use less memory.
  • Testing Kopano version 8.5.0 at some sites.
  • Updated Web configuration help pages.

* Fixes *

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Kopano Orphaned stores from being removed.
  • System Internet speed test. Fixed. The new version of Python broke it.
  • Fixed some random network timeouts for the named ( BIND) DNS nameserver. – removed max ttl setting.
  • Fixed searching in Shared Stores for Kopano.
  • Converted all of the PHP MySQL database routines to use the new OO interface.
  • Several Config interface fixes.
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