Setting up BT Infinity Hub 5 with the Igaware Small Business Server #igaware

Setting up a BT Infinity Hub5 to connect the Igaware Small Business Server is achieved using the DMZ function on the BT Hub interface.

BT Hub 5

The trick is the ensure the Igaware is on the same subnet as the hub, so it can then seen by the hub, allowing it to be selected from the drop down list (under DMZ).

The hub comes by default with an IP of So if you set the Igaware WAN connection with Interface IP of, and gateway as, then in the hub, under DMZ, you will be able to select the Igaware from the drop down list – it’ll be listed as ‘unknown’.

Couple of caveats/recommendations

  • leave DHCP on the Hub enabled.
  • to ensure IPSec VPN works, on the hub, under Advanced Settings=>VPN enable port clamping.
  • Disable wireless on the hub – you don’t want staff bypassing the Igaware Firewall!
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