Igaware Version 10.3.3 released #Igaware #linuxsbs

New in Version 10.3.3 [Tue Feb 24 2015]

* New Features and Improvements *

  • Installed a new version of MySQL database server with statically linked binaries and compiler optimizations.
  • Zarafa user information is now loaded on-demand via AJAX.
  • Updated the Google perftools libraries (tcmalloc) to version 2.4
  • Updated the ClamAv virus scanner to use the new tcmalloc libraries.
  • Recompiled the Zarafa server software to use the new tcmalloc libraries.
  • Added a new email feature called “Email domain mapping”. This allows Email domains delivered via an SMTP feed to be re-mapped to individual users or groups.
  • Updated the dnsmasq DNS cache software to the latest version.
  • Allow the entry of a zero port number for firewall port input. This means “all ports”.
  • Added the smem system monitoring tool.
  • Added an index to the email activity report database table to speed up queries.
  • Re-implemented ICAL support for the Zarafa server.
  • Added common SMTP ports to list of SMTP server ports in General Email settings.
  • Changed help popups to load help text on-demand via AJAX.
  • Added Ability to specify a non-standard port for IMAP/ POP incoming accounts.
  • The USB disk backup now doesn’t fill up the Kernel Page Cache.

* Fixes *

  •  Ping scan lan in System Tools has been fixed. It didn’t matter what boxes
    were ticked.
  • Fixed a problem with the Network Interfaces configuration. Couldn’t set the Network Role to blank “—-“.
  • Solved a long running problem with the Mysql server shutdown (rc6.d kill script non-existent).
  • Fixed the browser display position of help dialog boxes.
  • Fixed a problem where the Website Filter would go in to emergency mode. (squidGuard – shoreten_tag to stop emergency mode)
  • The System Status memory graph was displaying incorrect values for “free” (rrd script)
  • User groups were not saved correctly.
  • Fixed a timing issue with USB hard drives and newer Linux kernels.
  • Fixed the reporting of backup failure messages. They were sometimes empty.
  • FTP server config’ page. The checkbox didn’t stay ticked !
  • Popup dialog boxes with Warning messages appeared empty.
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