Igaware Version 11.0.0-3 released #Igaware #linuxsbs

New in Version 11.0.0-3 [Fri July 03 2015]

* New Features and Improvements *

  •  Updated the Internet Speed test code.
  • Changed dpd timeout and delay for IPSec.
  • Updated the Mail Server M4 confuration files. They were out of date.
  • Notices regarding detected Email Virii are now not passed on to the recipient.
  • Added security to stop brute force attack against any open SSH server.
  • Increased the Anti-Spam score for Pyzor and Razor detections.

    * Fixes *

  • Fixed a problem with the Fileserver “shadow copy” initialisation.
  • The backup was taking too long after a change to the catalogue file generation. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the Zarafa server out of office notification for recent installations.
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