CDC Wealth Management Ltd – Igaware Linux Small Business Server Case Study – 8 Users

CDC Wealth Management provides bespoke financial solutions to high and ultra high net worth individuals throughout the UK. Established in 2006, the firm has grown to a team of six advisers, who visit and advise clients, face to face with meetings held on and off-site.

As the CDC advisers spend a considerable amount of time off-site, it is essential that they have reliable access to emails and documents while out the office, using their mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Their existing IT systems were unreliable, so they looked for advice from Mark Shaw (System Administrator) of the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) in Sunderland. This was an obvious contact point for CDC as their head office is based at the BIC and as a tenant one of the benefits they can tap into is IT support from the BIC’s IT team, led by Mark.

Mark told us, “CDC was being held back by the systems they had in place. Remote access to data was unreliable, and important features such as shared calendars, and out-of-office, weren’t available.”

On Mark’s recommendation, CDC chose to migrate to an Igaware Linux Small Business Server. “The Igaware Linux Small Business Server ticked all the boxes for CDC. It offered a robust, all-in-one server solution providing remote access to files, email, shared calendars and contacts. As security and data backup are included, it offered the compliance essential for CDC as independent Demokonto für Trader and financial advisers.”

The BIC IT team undertook the migration, and now look after the server in the BIC’s own data centre on-site.

John Dixon, MD at CDC, is ‘delighted’ with the Igaware Linux Small Business Server. “The Igaware Server has given us the confidence and ability to grow our business, and better serve our clients. We know we can access emails and documents wherever we are, easily and always.”

The Igaware Linux Small Business Server is an all-in-one server solution engineered to meet the needs of SMEs:

  • Internet & Email Security
  • Remote Working/VPN
  • File Server
  • Email Collaboration Server
  • Data Backup
  • Affordable
  • Fully managed & supported
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