Igaware Version 10.3.1 released #Igaware #linuxsbs

New in Version 10.3.1 [Thu Dec 11 2014]

* New Features and Improvements *

  • Added a warning if form data is changed but not saved, when a page is
  • Redesigned the SSL VPN configuration to allow very easy client deployment.
  • The Spam whitelist now allows ‘host:’ prefix to specify the sending host.
  • Finished development of the dynamic DNS service. Three methods can now be used
    to update the IP address.
  • Added Spam rules to block Fax spam.
  • Updated PEAR PHP Mail packages.
  • Updated Openswan to version 2.6.42
  • The Zarafa backup now doesn’t overwrite the last backup unless the current\ mysqldump succeeds.
  • Tidied up some forms.
  • Re-compiled the LIBXML2 libraries – xmllint not linked to libhistory.

    * Fixes *

  • Fixed a problem with the Log Viewer.
  • Fixed a problem with the client SSL VPN configuration. The LAN network route
    was not pushed to the Securpoint OpenVpn client for Windows.
  • File server passwords containing a ‘!’ character where not set properly.
  • Fixed the System Status User Disk Report. Sub-directories were not counted in the Total result.
  • Tidied up the HTML for the console status “Event History”.
  • Fixed the IPSec connection form. Remote and local id blanked if dynamic
    gateway selected.
  • Fixed a problem when setting the default network route. The route was set to
    the currently edited interface.
  • Fixed a problem with Zarafa Groups. Replying to a group resulted in unexpected
    recipients – no email address specified.
  • Fixed a bug in the Samba4 script.
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