Version 9.4.5 released

A lot of new developments in recent weeks, including a new email archiving system which we’ll blog about in more detail very soon!

New in Version 9.4.5 [Thu Sept 12 2013 ]

* New Features and Improvements *
– A new Email Archiving section has been released. This allows the user more control over Email Archiving.
– Added Not Dest IP to the destination port rule screen
– Added “Disable file versioning” to the File server ‘recycle bin’
configuration. This controls whether deleted files with the same name are stored as separate copies within the recycle bin.
– Updated the Zarafa database backup within the Mail volume. The Zarafa-dump database is now compressed on the destination media, to save space and network transfer time.
– Updated the Zarafa server to allow very long distribution lists.

* Fixes *
– FIXED the WAN IP aliases to use the correct netmask when calculating if the subnet is within range.
– Many small fixes and improvements.

New in Version 9.4.4 [Sat Aug 03 2013 ]

* New Features and Improvements *
– Added Pyzor anti-spam checking to the Mail Scanner software.
– Updated the WAN PPPOE code to the newest version.

* Fixes *
– Shortened the delay for PPPOE watchdog script. If the PPPOE line goes down it will now restart the connection within 2 minutes.
– Fixed a problem where the Email Block list for recipients wasn’t working.
– Fixed a problem with the Web page blocking code.

New in Version 9.4.3 [Tue July 16 2013 ]

* New Features and Improvements *
– Updated Linux Kernel to allow disk file system encryption.
– Added backup disk encryption. When enabled this will encrypt the USB external backup disk, making it impossible to view any files….
– Updated firewall iptables code to newest version.
– Changed file system mount options to include realtime option.

* Fixes *
– Temporarily turned off TNEF decoding in Mail Scanner until new TNEF encoder is fully tested.
– Updated the TNEF encoder for mail scanning.
– Fixed Custom Date feature for Web Visit Activity Reporting.
– Fixed transparent proxy of a machine when the default machine is set to transparently proxy and “unrestricted firewall mode is on.
– Set KAM_COUK score to 0.0 in Mail Spam filtering code.
– Adjusted sleep time in PPPOE watchdog.
– Adjusted sleep time in Console Health daemon. During a boot-up the Console Health daemon would kick-in too soon.

New in Version 9.4.2-6 [Thu May 30 2013 ]

* New Features and Improvements *
– Added ADS groups to the user Group list when setting a File server Share group ownership.

* Fixes *
– Fixed a problem when specifying a Backup Source Share. It was not possible to enter a Windows username with slashes present.
– Downgraded Zarafa libvmime to version 7.0.5. This is to fix a problem with corrupted PDF attachments.

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