Version 9.1.3 Released

* New Features and Improvements *
– Updated the Zarafa Server to version 6.40.12.
– Added outbound email filtering option.
– Improved backup source file selection for Mail and User files to remove
– Updated Z-push Zarafa Active-Sync component to version 1.5.5

* Fixes *
– Several small fixes.
– Fixed a problem with web site filtering.
– Fixed a problem when the backup destination is to a Windows Share.
– Fixed destination port rules – a name with spaces would not work.
– Fixed the Outgoing email signature for POP3 incoming Email accounts.

New in Version 9.1.2 [Sat Sep 17 2011 ]

* New Features and Improvements *
– Updated the Anti-Virus engine to the newest version.
– Updated the DNS caching server to the newest version.
– Added Nagios IT Infrastructure Monitoring. This is in early Beta Stage.

* Fixes *
– Several small fixes.

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