The Alternative to Microsoft Small Business Server

This briefing considers the alternative to Microsoft Small Business Server following Microsoft’s announcement to end their Small Business Server product line.

Judging by comments on various Microsoft forums, to say the announcement has gone down like a lead balloon, is something of an understatement; ‘by FAR the biggest BONE HEAD decision Microsoft has made’, ‘very poor decision and gives us no real choice’.

Resellers are angry because Microsoft is ending Small Business Server in its tracks, without consultation or warning, and replacing it with, not one, but several products that increase end user costs, reduces reseller margins, and cuts value added revenues. The new strategy pushes customers to the Cloud, something that simply isn’t practical for businesses using standard broadband, and for business owners who like their data secured in their offices.

Small Business Server was popular with customers as it gave them a Windows Server and Exchange in a single server, for up to 70 users. The new offering consists of Windows Server Essentials, but only if you have 25 users or less, and either a separate Exchange server or Hosted exchange.

Customers over 25 users are now considered to have the same needs and budget as enterprise customers, and will have to spend separately on a Windows Server and Exchange.

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So what are the options for Small Business Server resellers and customers?

Well, change can mean opportunity. There has been an alternatives to Microsoft Small Business Server for over a decade, but the majority of IT resellers and consultants have stayed with the dominant vendor, Microsoft – it’s all they know. Now Microsoft is turning their back on the Small Business Server market, the time has come to consider the alternative to Microsoft Small Business Server. IT resellers and consultants may be surprised how an alternative to Microsoft Small Business Server could transform their businesses, putting them in control, increasing profit margins, and ensuring sustainability.

Igaware Small Business Server

Igaware has engineered a Linux Small Business Server that requires no Linux knowledge whatsoever. Configuration is done through a web admin interface, and software patches and updates happen automagically. And it includes everything:

  • No user limits, no cut down functionality
  • No manual patching, updates, no rebooting
  • Full integration with all flavours of windows desktops, ADS support
  • Zarafa Exchange Server, outlook integration, web mail, smart phone active sync
  • File serving and backup
  • Firewall/VPN, email and web security (UTM)
  • Rock solid, secure Linux OS
  • Easy to use web admin
  • Supported – you can talk to engineers
  • Continuously developed – up-to-date and secure, new, customer driven features
  • 15 year track record

Customers can easily migrate from Microsoft Small Business Server, to the Igaware Linux Small Business Server, reducing cost and complexity, and enjoy a robust, secure and easy to use Small Business Server solution.

“I will be recommending Igaware to more of my customers due to the stability and dependability shown by the system, and especially the level of support.” Dr Bill Vallins

Igaware products and support are first class, enabling us to stand out from the IT reseller crowd. I can safely say that this is the best partnership we have ever entered in to.” Steven McGuire

To discover the benefits of becoming an Igaware Linux Small Business Server partner email or call us on 0191 2804013.

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