I’m sick of explaining the limitations of PPTP VPN connections.

So, here is a quick explaination of the problems:

PPTP has become a very popular VPN option because many Operating Systems have a PPTP client built in, including all versions of Windows since Windows 95 OSR2.

The PPTP VPN protocol can not track multiple outgoing PPTP connections on one public IP address, unless, you have a PPTP aware router. Note: the Igaware box is PPTP aware.

This means that you can only have one concurrent PPTP connection per public IP address. Only one internal machine may connect to a PPTP server on the Internet. For example, if you are currently connected to server ‘A’ with PPTP you can’t connect to server ‘B’ at the same time. Well, actually, you may be able to connect to server ‘B’, but your PPTP connections will be erratic, with drop outs and lost packets.

If you are using the Igaware server to route outgoing traffic, then, this limitation with PPTP connections is removed, as the Igaware server can track PPTP traffic.

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