Igaware Version 11.0.2 released #Igaware #linuxsbs

New in Version 11.0.2 [Wed Sep 23 2015] =========================================
* New Features and Improvements *

  • Added hard-coded DNS SRV records to BIND named zone file.
  • Updated System Health for named daemon ( in dnrd)
  • Updated mysqluner.pl – MailScanner
  • Added a list of ip route tables ( eth1, etc) to Status , network routes page.
  • Changed ref to Zarafa Outlook client download.
  • Modified my.cnf file creation – now merges local file
  • Modified Zarafa server.cfg file creation – now merges local file
  • Changing the nameservers now reloads and clears cache for dnsmasq
  • mysql and my.cnf now uses innodb plugin
  • Changed min attachment size to 0 in Mailscanner*.template
  • Added IgawareKAM to rsync schedule to xfer KAM.cf

* Fixes *

  • Changed hosts file – replace host spaces with –
  • Added drop user ”@’localhost’; to mysql_create.sql
  • FIXED openvpn.Could not ping local LAN or learn-address script needed #!/bin/sh
  • FIXED dirvish when the share name has spaces ( put quotes in)
  • Fixed long running problem. When interface goes ( or is brought) down ( e.g ifdown), then, any routes in tables ( ip route list table eth1) are removed ( by kernel, cause the interface has gone) and NOT replaced. Changed ifup-post to call /var/igaware/network-scripts/table-iproute all up, instead of just for DEVICE
  • Fixed LAN config – problems with fields were not reported as window closed.
  • Fixed the add new filename content page for email filtering
  • Fixed global_access in rsyncit.sh – do it all the time
  • Fixed perconda backup when 7days set.
  • Fixed report export
  • Fixed OLD http report page
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