Igaware Version 10.2.0 released #Igaware #linuxsbs

  • Updated the Zarafa Server to the newest version of 7.1.10. This supports Click To Run (CTR) Outlook versions. The Zarafa Client software will now automatically update to the latest version.
  • Updated several libraries.
  • Installed an NTP Server. The Igaware box can now act as an NTP time server for LAN clients. – Installed a new NTP package to replace the previous xntp3 package.
  • Installed the latest OpenLDAP package.
  • Improved the Test Internet Connection. It now tests for connectivity to the Igaware
  • Update servers. ( Now tries updates.igaware.com on port 873).
  • RAID devices with a new superblock format can now be started at boot time, using /etc/rc.sysinit.extra.first
  • Fixed getFileParams so that a ‘=’ can be included in a value if the delimiter = ‘=’
  • Fixed the load balance and pppoe watchdogs to use -I iface in ping instead of the IP address of the interface.
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