#Igaware Version 10.1.3 Released

New in Version 10.1.4 [Wed Apr 30 2014]

* New Features and Improvements *
– Outbound firewall – If port 1723 ( PPTP) is included in an Internet Access Policy, then IP protocol 47 ( GRE) will be added automatically.
– Added column ordering to Backup Restore file list.
– Updated xmlto to newest version.

* Fixes *
– Show fileserver shares that have been disabled in the past. The disabled were, previously, hidden.
– The Relaxed/ Strict outbound firewall mode for Multi-LAN operations. The mode can now be set independently.
– Fixed a problem that prevented the Network traffic graphs from disaplying properly.
– The System Status health check for the disk RAID status didn’t work properly for all disk configurations.
– Fixed Backup Destination to Share to allow a directory in the Share name.

More updates recently:

New in Version 10.1.3 [Fri Apr 10 2014]

* New Features and Improvements *
– Updated the Zarafa Server to the newest version 7.1.9.
– Updated the libxml2 XML libraries to version 2.6.32 for Zarafa.
– Updated the libvmime MIME libraries to handle really old Outlook clients.
– Updated the Zarafa WebApp and WebAcess clients to the latest versions. WebApp is accessed via http://xxx/webapp, WebAccess via http://xxx/webaccess ( or /webmail).
– Installed new version of OpenVpn.
– Completed configuration changes and help for SSL VPN ( OpenVpn).
– The Network interface up script now calls commit-tables-iproute.php to create IPRoute tables on the fly.
– Added TCP/ UDP protocol selection to Access Controls=> Inbound Firewall=>Port Input.
– Specifying port 1723 for Port Input automatically opens access to TCP/IP Protocol 47.
– Changed the network traffic graphs to display network usage with a resolution of 1 minute instead of 5 minutes.

* Fixes *
– Squashed a small bug relating to firewall Destination Port Rules.
– Fixed the Spam Rules interface. The new version of Anti-Spam software broke it.
– Improved some help pages.
– Several other small fixes.

New in Version 10.1.2-1 [Tue Mar 25 2014]

* New Features and Improvements *
– [ for 10.1.2-1 ] Many changes have been made to the Network Load balancing code base. All WAN lines will now fail-over automatically if one goes down.
– Upgraded the Anti-Virus software to the latest version.
– Upgraded the Anti-Spam software to the latest version.
– Added docm extension to the filename email filtering section.
– Added email postmaster options to allow a free hand entry of the postmaster address.
– WAN ISP selection – you now can’t use an existing ISP connection that’s active elsewhere.

* Fixes *
– Fixed a problem with email archiving.

New in Version 10.1.1-2 [Tue Mar 11 2014]

* New Features and Improvements *
– [ for 10.1.1-2 ] Added the option “Enable SSL ( HTTPS) access to company webspace to the Web Server config page. If enabled, then, the Igaware Web config won’t listen on port 443 leaving it available for company webspace.
– [ for 10.1.1-2 ] The Zarafa softdelete is now run in a nightly batch instead of every hour. This reduces the load of large installations.
– The Email Server now listens on port 587 for local email submissions.
– Added an option to use MSA port 587 on the outbound SMTP relay host.
– Updated the Sendmail mail server to include TLS ( STARTTLS) support. This encrypts traffic between mail servers – keeps the NSA and GHCQ eyes off your mail traffic 🙂
– Forwarded email users now don’t get filtered by the Email Filter as the original recipient has already been filtered.
– Added a note to the Email Aliases page that email to an empty Alias User list is discarded.
– Modified the O/S exec system call to use select_stream() instead of feof(). The backup was blocking with feof() under rare circumstances.
– Email Aliases are now ordered alphabetically.
– Access Controls=> Outbound Firewall=> Individual Computers is now called LAN Devices.
– Changed method of update for Access Controls=> Outbound Firewall. Now a drop-down box is used to select Strict or Relaxed mode.
– Replaced the local Server Manual with a link to the on-line User Manual.

* Fixes *
– [ for 10.1.1-2 ] Small fix for network IP calculations.
– [ for 10.1.1-2 ] Small fix when adding a new ISP connection.
– [ for 10.1.1-2 ] Reduced the amount of output from the Rsync command during a Backup.
– [ for 10.1.1-2 ] Fixed a problem, when performing a backup to a Windows Share ( CIFS), introduced with last update.
– The Vacation message now accepts blank lines.
– Fixed a problem with the Ethernet routing tables. A table had been created for PPTP connections 🙂
– The Backup Restore now works, again, after changes were made to support disk encryption.
– Under some circumstances the “Stop Backup” button in Backup Now! did not stop all of the backup processes. This is fixed.
– The “Bypass transparent proxying” for selected networks was not working. This is fixed.
– The Internet Speed Test now works when testing the speed of an interface other than the default.

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