Igaware O/S Version 9.3.0 released

Latest update……………….

  • Added POSIX semaphore support to PHP. This allows shared memory access for the new Zarafa z-push software version.
  • Upgraded to the newest PHP software version.
  • Upgraded to Zarafa Z-push version 2. This provides better support for Android devices.
  • Security – updated OpenSSH server and libraries to the newest version.
  • Security – Removed the UserDir directive from the web server.
  • Security – updated the Apache web server to remove possible DoS attack.
  • Security – The MySql database server has been updated to the newest version.
  • Security – Upgraded the Apache Web server to the newest version.
  • Take account of collision errors on the Ethernet Error health check.
  • Added an option to Deny incoming traffic connections in the Port Input configuration.
  • Updated the Kerberos libraries to the newest version.
  • Updated the link to the Zarafa client installer. The new version fixes problems with Outlook 2010 after the Microsoft updates are installed.
  • Many changes to the AD membership code and configuration.
  • Added options to set the Share owner and group membership when the File Server is using the ACE security method.
  • A list of workstations that have joined the Igaware PDC has been added to the PDC configuration page.
  • Email Delivery Receipts are now available to be requested for sent email in Zarafa 7.1.1
  • Updated Zarafa’s mobile Active-Sync ( z-push) to version 1.5.13.
  • Updated the IMAP c-client libraries.
  • Updated the Zarafa server version 7.1.0 to the latest version 7.1.1
  • Updated USB libraries and utilites.
  • Improved 3G WAN dongle support.
  • Added support for Zarafa version 7.1.x server licenses.
  • Updated the Kernel and Kernel modules.
  • Updated the Zarafa server version 7.0.8 to the latest version 7.1.0
  • Updated the Nmap server to the newest version.
  • Removed old SSL libraries and re-compiled various applications to use the new SSL library.
  • The DNS cache will now resolve the local MX record even if there is no Internet connection.
  • Added SSL support to the IMAP and POP servers on port 995 and 993. An SSL certificate will have to be installed by Igaware support for the IMAP and POP SSL to be active.
  • Bounced email will now not contain the original email body, just the headers. There’s no point in bouncing the body of an email back.
  • Updated the Ethernet drivers for Realtek RTL8101E/RTL8102E and RTL8111/8168B
  • Added an option to the “Web Server” section to specify an SSL Certificate file name. This will override the default Igaware SSL certificate. The certificate file must first be installed by Igaware support.
  • Update Windows Services (Samba) to version 3.5.16.
  • Changed Disk Space health to use the percentage of disk remaining not the size.
  • The console ( a screen connected to the Igaware box) will now show the IP addresses of all of the active network interfaces.
  • Modified the IPSec connections page to show if the tunnel is set to initiate a connection. This is related to the new “Don’t try to initiate a connection, or re-key an existing one” option added to the IPSec connection page.
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