Igaware O/S Version 9.2.3

A number of customer led features in this release:

  • Added a “network interface” option for IPSec connections. This allows you to specify which network interface each individual IPSec connection will use. This basically means you can run different VPN tunnels down separate broadband connections to allow load balancing.
  • The System Backup will now backup any ISCSI targets that have been defined on the Igaware server as part of the “Fileserver” source. Any ISCSI servers on your LAN can now be found and backed up through the Igaware backup.
  • External USB disks used for backup destinations are now formatted with an NTFS filesystem. This means that the USB disk can be mounted, and files on it, browsed on a Windows machine.
  • Added an extra option to the DHCP server declaration. This allows you to specify a TFTP (Trivial FTP) server address for option 66. This help out a customer who’s phone system has a TFTP server that client machines access for software updates.
  • Updated the Rsync software to newest version to allow extended Windows attributes to be backed up.

Other general updates included:

  • Upgrades to latest versions of Zarafa and Zarafa Z-push active sync.
  • Updated xinetd daemon to the latest version
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