Igaware Linux Small Business Server releases support for Amazon S3

UK vendor Igaware, has announced support for the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), enabling Igaware Linux Small Business Server customers to use Amazon S3 for off-site backup.

Tim Sexton, Igaware Sales Director told us: “Customers told us they wanted an off-site backup service that would allow them to choose to have their data backed up within the EU, enabling them to meet with regulatory requirements; Amazon S3 has a data centre in Ireland. Igaware Linux Small Business Server customers can now simply tick a box to use Amazon S3 as a backup destination.”

Another important factor influencing the Igaware decision to support Amazon S3, was that it overcomes the fact that it can take many days to restore data over the Internet; 250 Gigabytes of data can take over 30 days to restore using a standard broadband connection.

Chris Moore, Igaware Technical Director, explained:  “Amazon S3 gets around the problem of backing up large amounts of data over the Internet with their AWS Import/Export service. A backup can be run to an external hard drive, and shipped directly to Amazon S3. This gets the initial backup in place, and the Igaware Linux Small Business Server can then backup daily changes in data thereafter. In the event of a full system restore, data can be shipped back to the customer, next day. Amazon S3 fits in with our approach of making things easy for customers.”

The support for Amazon S3 has be rolled out automatically to Igaware Linux Small Business Server customers, as part of the Igaware continuous update service.

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