The safest place for your email and data is on-site #igaware #linuxsbs #GDPR

Your email and data are your crown jewels. If they are lost, stolen or corrupted there will likely be severe consequences for your operations and a hefty fine for breaching the General Data Protection Regulation (*GDPR).

The safest place for your email and data is under your control, on a dedicated security hardened server, protected by a PCI compliant firewall, managed by people you know and trust. This is the level of security Igaware offers.

The alternative is to outsource your IT and hand over your email and data to third party suppliers who, if they are US corporations, may not be GDPR compliant and therefore unable to legally supply you with IT services now and in the future.

Outsourcing has been a growing trend under the marketing banner of ‘Cloud Computing’ and has been heavily advertised by US corporations including Microsoft, Google, Rackspace and Amazon. These companies have used their marketing muscle to push cloud computing because it suits their business model, not because it is in customer interests. Microsoft has even gone as far as removing on-premise server options to force customers into the cloud.

The good news is that Igaware offers a wholly secure, robust and cost effective on-premise Linux Small Business Server. It includes a UTM firewall that ensures your data and email secured. And because Igaware is an on-premise server you know exactly where your data is and who has access to it. This means GDPR compliance is simplified and you can completely forget about the significant practical and legal issues faced by cloud users.

*GDPR comes into law in May 2018

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