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Igaware allows you to deliver rock solid IT solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction and a healthy boost to your bottom line from recurring revenues.

And it's a stress free partnership; you can talk to an engineer directly, request new features and get issues resolved quickly - just pick up the phone.

To start enjoying the following partner benefits call us on + 44 (0)191 303 6177 or email;

  • Happy Customers - Igaware is unrivalled in reliability and timely support. Your customers will be delighted.
  • Recurring Revenues - sell once, invoice every month.
  • Rock Solid Reliability - you won’t burn your income on support and customers will remain loyal.
  • Easy To Deploy – simple to install and manage using existing knowledge and resources.
  • Healthy Margins - maximise your income.
  • Automatic Updates – get off the patching merry-go-round
  • Easy to Sell - a quick and easy decision for buyers, competitively priced
  • Built in Health Monitoring - proactive support.
  • Customer Testimonials – proven products that customers love.
  • Lead Generation Tools – build sales quickly.
  • Free Training & Technical Support – start selling today with total confidence.
  • Pre-Sales Support – we help close deals.

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