Frequently Asked Questions

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A private UK company established in 1999.
The Igaware Linux Small Business Server is multi-functional, delivering a choice of services including; firewall/vpn, email filtering, email serving/groupware, web filtering, file serving and backup.
The operating system used is Linux, specifically Igaware Linux. Applications are a combination of open source and in-house engineered software modules, security hardened and continuously developed since 1999.
Updates are released automatically, everyday. This is what makes Igaware different; the whole software bundle, including the operating system and all applications, are constantly updated.

The Igaware Linux Small Business Server includes a Universal Threat management (UTM) system that is continuously updated. It protects against all known threats. As such it is very secure and negates the need for any additional security software and firewalls.

As an on-premise server you have the benefit of knowing precisely where your data is and who has access to it - you have direct control over your data.

Our entry level server supports at least 20 users. Our top of the range servers can support hundreds.
There is a choice of micro servers, tower servers and rack mounted servers. These are configured according to customer requirements and include RAID as standard.
Yes. It will work with all version of Windows and it integrates with Active Directory Server. The server can also be enabled as an Active Directory Server.
Yes. But you are not tied to using Outlook. You can use Kopano's Webapp and Deskapp and benefit from additional functionality including HD Video chat, instant messaging and file sharing.
A box is configured through a set of web pages held on the box, accessed via a web browser. See the online demo.
Server prices start at £595 and support and updates start from £30 a month. See pricing.
A system that is secure and up-to-date is vital if it is to be ran as server for your business. And you'll want immeadiate help if there's an issue. So it's probably not a good question.