Igaware Linux Small Business Server

The Private Business Server

Igaware servers deliver all the services a business needs for data and email while maintaining totally privacy. We don't monitor your usage, mine your data or serve you with adverts.

In a world where you are monitored 24x7, Igaware servers offer a completely private alternative, backed up with a level of support that means you can speak directly to an engineer within minutes, never being put on hold.

Our servers deliver a comprehensive suit of services including; file serving, email, groupware, messaging, vpn, backup and more.

Call: +44 (0)191 303 6177 or Email sales@igaware.com

"The Igaware server does a lot, and does it well"

"The Igaware Private Business Server is rock solid, easy to use, and support is outstanding."
Rob Byron - Steelwheels


Our software is quite simply better engineered - that means server up-times of years, not weeks. The best exponents of the reliability of our Private Business Server are the thousands of users world-wide that we have supported over the last 20 years - see what they say.

Private & Secure

In contrast to other solutions on the market, an Igaware Private Business Server ensures your email and data are private and under your control. This is important when considering GDPR compliance and avoiding a legal minefield.

Igaware includes a secure operating system, data encryption, continuous updates, encypted backups, built in UTM Firewall.


Day to day admin of the Igaware Private Business Server, such as adding new users, is easy via our user friendly web interface - you're in control. Software updates and patches happen automatically so you don't have to worry about these - you just use the server. Check out the online demo.


The Igaware Private Business Server is compatible with Windows and Mac, including applications such as MS Outlook. This means a switch to Igaware is seamless and you have the freedom to access your email and data however you wish. Migrating to the Igaware Linux Small Business Server is straight forward.

No Ties

Only by ensuring you are completely satisified will you remain an Igaware customer - there's no fixed contract. We earn your loyalty with a great product and service. In return you pay an affordable monthly amount for updates, upgrades and support starting from just £50 a month. Let us know how many users you have and we'll send you a quote - email sales@igaware.com


Support is paramount. If your email has stopped flowing you need it sorted NOW! We get this, which is why you can pick up the phone and talk directly to an engineer - just call us on (0)191 303 6177 and ask for support, or email support@igaware.com.

Other vendors will give you a support ticket. We'll give you a solution.