Igaware Digital Safeguarding Filter

The Igaware Digital Safeguarding Filter is a next generation Internet filter that transparently filters Internet traffic (including SSL) to enable users to access the Internet safely without the hassle and cost of having to configure a proxy or install client software or apps.

Igaware digital safeguarding filters Internet access according to policies that you control. You can allow or block sites by category, domain, IP address, MIME types, file types, search terms, phrases and regular expressions.

Reports and alerts tell you when Internet access policies are being breached and more importantly, help you identify vulnerable users.

By enabling the man in the middle (MITM) option, search terms can be filtered and safe searches can be enforced.

Digital safeguarding is delivered on premise by an Igaware server installed on your network through which all Internet traffic is filtered. It can be joined to an existing active directory server (ADS) or the Igaware server can be enabled as an ADS in it's own right. UTM functionality is also included.

  • AV scanning
  • Stops malware from being downloaded
  • https transparent filtering
  • All https websites can be filtered by domain and with MITM full filtering of SSL websites is enabled.
  • Can be configured to have multiple filter configurations to provide varying degrees of web filtering to different groups of users.
  • SSL Inspection – with MITM
  • Group by IP, subnet or user names
  • Exceptions to allow domains and URLs
  • Banned to block domains and URLs
  • Grey list to allow access to domains and URLs while maintaining full filtering.
  • Deny regular Expressions on URLs, body content, and headers (also in grey list mode)
  • URL regular expression replacement so you can for example force safe search in search engines
  • Deep URL scanning to spot URLs in URLs to for example block images in Google images
  • Advanced advert blocking
  • SSL anonymous proxy blocking
  • Block attempts to by-pass filtering via third party proxies.