Every Igaware appliance runs identical software, capable of delivering a wide range of services. You may wish to use all of these services or just a few.

Download the full feature list here

The following are the most popular product configurations:

Linux Small Business Server (pdf)

A powerful linux small business server delivering all the essential IT services a business needs, including; firewall, remote working vpn, email serving and shared calendars, file serving, email security, web filtering/reporting and data backup.

Anti-Spam Email Filtering Appliance (pdf)

Award winning email security appliance filters email, before it reaches your email server, using advanced anti spam, anti virus and anti phishing technology.

Web Filtering Appliance (pdf)

Advanced web filtering appliance enabling control over web usage and prevention of inappropriate and dangerous Internet downloads. Includes advanced web reporting system and Active Directory Server integration for single sign-on authentication.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance (pdf)

A Unified Threat Management appliance for Internet and Email security delivering firewalling, vpn, email filtering and web filtering with comprehensive web reporting.

Zarafa Exchange Alternative (pdf)

Email, shared calendars, contacts and tasks via Outlook, or on the move using your iPhone, Blackberry, mobile phone or via Webaccess. The rock solid exchange alternative.