Igaware Version 13.3.13-1 released #Igaware #linuxsbs

New in Version 13.3.13-1 [Feb 20 2018]

* New Features and Improvements *

  • Improved the MailScanner “phishing” database. This will improve detection of phising email scams.
  • Fixed the “pornography” category in the Website blocking list – removed the expressions list. It was too aggressive.
  • Added a new option to the IPSec VPN config. SA Lifetime – this determines when an connection expires and should bere-keyed. If the remote end won’t accept an inbound keying attempt, then, this should be greater than the lifetime set
    on the remote device.
  • Letsencrypt certificate creation/ renewal no longer requires port 80 to be left open. The port will open and close automatically.
  • Updated the BIND DNS nameserver to the latest version.
  • Added secure flag for cookies in HTTP resonce headers ( for PCI compliance).
  • Installed Python Dateutil & Six modules ( for Kopano-Search).
  • Created new System Status load average information and graphs.
  • Added/ optimized the 64-bit version of Mysql.
  • Added ssl vpn activity report
  • Update Python with sqlite3 database.
  • Improved network intrusion prevention to use less memory.
  • Testing Kopano version 8.5.0 at some sites.
  • Updated Web configuration help pages.

* Fixes *

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Kopano Orphaned stores from being removed.
  • System Internet speed test. Fixed. The new version of Python broke it.
  • Fixed some random network timeouts for the named ( BIND) DNS nameserver. – removed max ttl setting.
  • Fixed searching in Shared Stores for Kopano.
  • Converted all of the PHP MySQL database routines to use the new OO interface.
  • Several Config interface fixes.

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The Igaware Linux Small Business Server – a cure for small business IT growing pains #SMEIT #linuxsbs #sbsserver

As your small business grows, the Igaware Linux Small Business Server becomes a great solution to avoid IT growing pains, enabling you to implement enterprise quality IT services that match a small business budget.

Start-up businesses tend to begin life using a mix of public IT services e.g.  gmail and drop box. This get starts you communicating and sharing information at minimum cost but, as your business grows, making your email and data private and secure is increasingly important as there is more to lose if things go wrong.

As your business grows there will come a time when having email and data secured and supported becomes a priority. Most businesses realise they have reached this point when problems occur with their current IT setup – growing pains if you like.

Growing pains come in a number of forms:

  • Problems sending and receiving emails.
  • Email spam and scams cause business disruption.
  • Frustration with email or data services not working as they should.
  • Lack of functionality – e.g. no shared calendars, difficulty sharing data
  • Lack of support – can’t get things fixed quickly
  • Need to adhere to data privacy and security standards such (PCI & GDPR)

The Igaware Linux Small Business Server is the perfect fit for your growing businesses as you scale up. It brings email and data under your control; private and secured on-premise. It delivers email and groupware services, central file sharing, data backup, and secure remote access for staff out and about.

The Igaware Linux Business Server incredibly robust and includes a UTM firewall that ensures your data and email is secured. Continuous automatic updates means there are no software updates to download and install, meaning no downtime, and no security holes.

And it’s easy to use too. Setting up a new email address or connecting a new device to your network can be done without having to call the cavalry – it’s all done through an easy to use web interface.

So if you’re ready to grow your business with IT pain, check out the Igaware Linux Small Business Server.

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Careful what you twitter – the fraudsters are watching!

I was chatting with one of our customers today who recently came close to becoming a victim of a banking scam, all because of a rant on twitter.

With a mortgage due for renewal they had contacted their bank who basically cocked up the process such that a rant on twitter was in-order. In response to the rant a very apologetic guy from the bank’s customer services department contacted them and promised to resolve the issue in person.

To get the mortgage through they were asked to resubmit an application online, and email proof of ID – photos of passports.

The application was successful and 50k was paid into their bank account ready to be transferred to a new account the bank had setup. The 50k showed up in their on-line banking as did the new account. It all looked legit.

It was only at the last minute when the customer service guy phoned them to ask them to go in person to the bank to authorise the transfer, that the customer thought, hold on, something’s not right.

It turns out the customer service guy was a fraudster and the 50k was a fraudulent loan setup in the customer’s name .

Next time you want to post something on-line, be it twitter or anywhere else, be aware that fraudsters are watching!

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Keeping your data and email private #linuxsbs #GDPR #dataprivacy

The Igaware Linux Small Business Server delivers privacy and security that simply isn’t available with the Cloud.

In contrast to Cloud and other proprietary email and data services, Igaware offers a private platform where you have total control of your data and communications.

  • Igaware offers modern communication behind an enterprise class UTM Firewall.
  • Your IP address, your usage patterns, the contents of your messages—Cloud providers know more about your company than you do. In contrast, Igaware provides the benefits of modern communication without sacrificing privacy.
  • Data protection laws, data regulations, GDPR and even non-disclosure agreements are complex and ever-changing, with heavy penalties for breach. Having your email and data on the Igaware Linux Small Business Server simplifies compliance and reduces risk.

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Kopano Groupware just gets better and better #igaware #linuxsbs #kopano

Kopano Groupware is a powerful communications platform that delivers email, calendars, tasks, shared folders, video conferencing, real time chat, file sharing and email encryption.

As part of the Igaware Linux Small Business Server it offers a highly secure, robust and easy to use communications suite.

Kopano Groupware is constantly being developed through customer feedback.

Learn about recent developments:


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GDPR – Don’t be nuts! #igaware #linuxsbs #GDPR

If you don’t know where your data is and who has access to it then you will have a problem come May 2018 when the General Data Protection Regulations come into force.

GDPR makes you responsible for keeping your data safe. You will need to know precisely where your data is and who has access to it.

It would, of course, be nuts to hand your data and email over to a third party if it then means you have no idea where it is, who has access to it and what laws govern it. But that’s exactly what businesses do when they sign up for cloud services!

If you are using a US cloud provider you will likely have no idea where your data actually is or who has access to it. In fact 96% of cloud providers are not GDPR compliant*.

No matter who you do business with, you need to know where your data is physically stored, and that such storage and processing is compliant with current laws.

GDPR compels organisations to take responsibility for their data and email instead of just trusting a third party who’s business model is reliant on you handing over control of your data, on their terms, but with the liability with you. It’s not a good deal, and not a safe one.

So what’s the smart option? Well keeping your data and email on a server under your control makes sense. For SME businesses the Igaware Linux Small Business Server puts your data under your control, securely located in your office or a trusted physical location that you can access 24 x 7.

Be smart!


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Complexity steals your time, money, and puts your data at risk #igaware #linuxsbs

The software market has long been dominated by ‘Corporateware’ – software that has been developed for large enterprises. Such software has a ‘million and one’ ways to be configured so that it can be flexible enough to meet the complex needs of large enterprise customers. That’s fine if you are a large enterprise with a dedicated IT department, but for an SME business such complexity is expensive to manage and a serious threat to data security – increased complexity increases introduces too many opportunities for error.

Igaware software, on the other hand, has been engineered specifically for the needs of SMEs customers, with a focus on simplicity, ease of use and keeping data private and secure.

The Igaware Small Business Server and UTM Firewall were launched in 1999, developed specifically for SME businesses to provide enterprise class security and services but without the burden of complexity.

Complexity introduces too many opportunities for error, so keep it simple!

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Software platform is an important consideration for data security #igaware #linuxsbs

Software companies can take one of two approaches to keep their software secure. They can keep their software code hidden, which is known as Security Through Obscurity or they can take an Open Software approach and release their software code for anyone to see.

Software companies such as Microsoft use Security Through Obscurity, whereas Igaware and others use Open Software.

Security Through Obscurity is the idea that by hiding your software code no one can find holes in it. It’s akin to burying your money under a tree. The only thing that makes it safe is no one knows it’s there.

The problem with this approach is that someone may find your tree. Microsoft’s tree was discovered by the US Government who documented vulnerabilities in Microsoft software through which they could access systems for the purposes of surveillance.  Unfortunately the vulnerabilities were leaked to the hacking community; 8000 documents via Wikileaks (https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/). The result was the global Wannacry Ransomware attack.

Now imagine putting your data behind a lock or combination, say in a safe. You should be able to put the safe on a street corner because what makes it secure is that no one can get inside it but you. Open software uses the principle that the code is visible to all, making it easier to identify and plug security vulnerabilities faster. It’s like having a team of world-wide experts constantly trying to crack the safe, and reinforcing it immediately a weaknesses is found. It ensures a safe that’s incredibly hard to crack.

So if you want to ensure your email and data is secure then have your data on a Linux software platform such as that used by the Igaware Linux Small Business Server. Your data is your crown jewels. Keep it safe!

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IT Support now please! #igaware #linuxsbs

Companies are so reliant on computer systems for communication and operations that any downtime is very costly and frustrating. IT systems are inherently complex so having access to timely support from technology vendors is critical, mission critical!

Igaware has differentiated itself from big US vendors, not only in the robustness of it’s underlying Linux Small Business Server software, but in it’s approach to support.

Igaware doesn’t do support tickets, on-line self help or self-serving SLAs, we just take calls and solve issues there and then. This is one reason why Igaware don’t tie customers into contracts; customers loyalty comes from the fact that Igaware is incredibly reliable and help is always at hand if there’s an issue. What more could customers want?

Not only is immediate access to support essential for customers, but it is also a revelation to IT resellers and consultants who recommend Igaware to their clients. Partnering with Igaware means any customer issues can be resolved with a call to Igaware in minutes. There’s no need to trawl Google for a solution, get put on hold with a large US vendor or shrug your shoulders and tell your customers ‘it’s out of my hands’. The end result is IT companies reselling Igaware can build a large loyal customer base without getting bogged down in stressful fire fighting.

Next time you are looking to upgrade your server, or recommend a server to others, just remember the last time you pressed ‘2 for support’ and then tore your hair out being put on hold for 30 minutes, and check out how the Igaware Linux Small Business Server can make life a lot less stressful.

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Service is Unavailable – is something you’ll never hear from Igaware

Last night, and continuing into today, hundreds of companies were unable to access their email, data and applications, as the data centre company UK Fast had a complete power failure – and their backup generators didn’t kick in.

Power has now been restored but thousands of servers take time to reboot so many customers are still waiting for the servers to come on stream.

Igaware Linux Small Business Server customers were unaffected 🙂

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